Shiena—miracle pup!

     SHIENA 2004

Shiena is our miracle puppy.  At only three days of age, she contracted an extensive infection in her left front leg extending from the carpus to the shoulder and into the chest.  She has proved to be the strongest and bravest Doberman we have ever come to know.  She should have died but instead is proving to us that there is purpose in life no matter how small.  We provided round the clock care and held her to her mother to nurse every hour for two days.  She was being fed by tube every four hours with high doses of antibiotics. We believe that she is a blessing from God and we thank all of those who have prayed ceaselessly for her welfare from day one.   The healing thus far is nothing short of miraculous.

     Shiena is a Hebrew name meaning beautiful.

As you can see by the photos below, much has transpired with our little miracle. Lively can best describe her. She is extremely playful, highly intelligent and romps around the house most of the day. She now uses the couch as a private retreat which she keeps very neat and orderly.

January 2006

     She is now full of life and interest. It’s very hard to keep up with her and she can on  her 3 good legs outdo most of our other dogs with 4.  She accomplishes amazing feats of balance, plays and doesn’t consider herself as handicapped. We just truly love her.

January 2007

     In September of 2006, Pete suffered a severe accident which resulted in a collapsed lung, multiple pelvic fractures, fractures to his foot spine and ribs.  He spent more than 30 days in the hospital and began the process of recovery at home which included the use of a wheel chair, numerous medications and a number of painful sleepless hours.  Shortly after Pete’s arrival home, Shiena would occasionally run to Pete and bop up and down on her one front leg trying to get his attention.  After a number of times of this behavior, we realized that she had quickly learned his medication schedule and was trying to alert him to take his meds.  She stayed by his side constantly and would come to my room and wake me when Pete was in distress and I was fast asleep.  We were simply amazed at her ability to sense his needs, and called her our “little nurse”.  She has been such a blessing to us, and is Pete’s faithful and loyal companion.  We could not have known when we provided for her 24 hour care that saved her life how instrumental she would be in the care of one man, nearly crushed to death,  for whom she could return the favor.  We thank God for this blessing that came in a very odd package.  Sometimes it is overwhelming to see these two true miracles interact.  To God be the Glory!

December 2007

We have wrested with the thought of having Shiena’s “little foot” amputated because she continually gets an infection in the crook where the bone grew like a corkscrew and the layers of skin and scar tissue all bunch together.  This recently began causing her some significant distress and she would come to us holding out her little foot to be washed and doctored.  We finally made the decision to have it amputated.  The surgery went well and although, she has experienced some depression and intolerance to cold the two weeks since the surgery, she is recovering.  She continues to be Pete’s loyal and faithful companion and they seem to understand each others pain and recovery.


January 2013

Shiena is truly an amazing dog.  She continues to fare well with three legs.  We have purchased a stroller for  her because she still likes to go walking with us however she does get tired.  She will ride some and walk some but is very happy and loyal to Pete.

This photo taken March 17, 2012


August 2014
Alas at the age of 10, Shiena developed congestive heart failure in the beginning of August. We had her on medication to control the heart rate and fluids, which worked well for a while. On August 29th, the heart disease over came her kidneys as a result of poor circulation. We upped her pain medication in the morning and with the help of our long time vet and friend, Shiena passed quietly into history.

She will be greatly missed but not forgotten.

The Good Lord was even kind enough to paint her picture for us as she passed into his hands, with no more handicap and wings to boot, running free.



This was taken shortly after her passing and burial in one of her favorite spots. Note the head, black nose, ears up, collar, feet poised for running, her left front stub and wings; flying high and free.


This cloud completely dissipated after We snapped the photo.

Praise the Lord!